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EP: 25 What I Learned from Working with "Bad Clients"

Updated: Jul 4

This January will mark 3 years in business for Ashley Avis Marketing. In case you didn’t know, I am a content manager and content creator for female entrepreneurs, mostly service providers, who want to stand out online and attract new business using apps like Instagram and Facebook.

Over my first and second years, I’ve gained amazing clients who I absolutely LOVE! I mean I consider a lot of them friends and really truly connect with them and their missions.

But then, over the years I’ve also acquired some clients who are not so loveable- clients who made me want to scream into pillows, throw my laptop, puke, doubt myself completely, and the worst- quit.

In the moment, I was anything but thankful- but now, looking back- I am so happy that they were my clients when they were because with every bad fit, I was able to learn something huge that directed my business to where it is now- working specifically with women who I adore, attract more and more clients like them!

In this episode, I promise to teach you 5 Things I learned from "bad client" experiences and how to avoid these mistakes. Listen Now.

Shownotes: In this episode, I refer to other episodes of The Ashley Avis Podcast: Episode 10: Too Legit to Quit, a Lawyer's take on starting a new business.

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Until Next Tuesday, You Got This! Ashley Avis #badclientexperience #clientexperience #lessonslearned


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