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Ep: 14 Three Things Your Website Should Do for Your Business

Updated: Jul 4

If you are looking to make your own website, or hire someone to do it for you, this episode talks about a simple 3 part strategy to ensure your website is working for your business.

1. Your website needs to get people to learn more about you and get people to connect with you. Consider:

- Making the first image a picture of you/your team making eye and smiling. - Having an About section or page that tells your story, shares your values and communicates your why.

2. Sell. Your websites should have strategically placed call to actions (aka buttons) that guide people towards your offers.

3. Grow your email list. If visitors are not yet ready to purchase your offer, give them an opportunity to stay in touch. Consider:

- Having a free resource or guide that people will be willing to trade their email address for. (P.S. you can watch my free tutorial on exactly how to do this using Flodesk by Clicking Here) Things to Not Worry About When Designing Your Website:

- Being too flashy

- Too many Call to Actions

Tip of the Week:

To bring a cohesive look to your site, I recommend having a professional photographer do a branding session with you so that you have a bunch of images that are website quality (higher resolution) to work with! It helps people connect with you when you aren't just using general stock images.

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