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EP 52: 10 Fresh Ideas to Serve Your Email List

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I was asked three times this week: How do I write emails for my list each week? I need ideas! You know I LOVE email marketing for small business owners, So! Here's 10 fresh ideas to serve your email list all month long!

Link to past episodes that I mentioned:

Episode 1: FIVE Reasons Email Marketing is a MUST from Day One Episode 16: HOW to Get Started with Email Marketing Episode 24: Freebies, Lead Magnets, Opt-Ins: What they are, Why you want them, and How to do it.

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Oh! And for my completely free training tutorial to hep you set up and automate your first email using my favourite email service provider: FLODESK, just CLICK HERE! Use promocode: ASHLEYAVIS to save 50% off.

Until next Tuesday, You Got This!!!

Ashley Avis Mom Podcaster Social Media Coach #emailmarketing

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