How Not Having a Studio Helped Me Stand Out.

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

When I first started teaching yoga on my own, I didn't have my own studio or a place to host my classes. I was chit chatting with my brother-in-law's girlfriend who just happened to be a manager at a small winery. [I live in Niagara, ON which is surrounded by wine country by the way. My love for wine was meant to be.]

I'm not even sure who's idea it was but we decided to start a Yoga & Wine Night at the winery every Wednesday. I was super new to this and thought how cool would it be to teach in the grass with the vines in the background, sun setting, birds chirping and wine close by just waiting for me to sip.

I got to work marketing this and at the time [this was 5 years ago] nobody else was doing it! I was pretty much one of the first yoga teachers to take on teaching at a winery and these Yoga & Wine Night's became a hit.

If I was close minded and thought that Yoga needed to be taught in a studio setting I would have missed this opportunity to collaborate with the winery. Thinking out of the box when it comes to space literally can help you stand out. I was known as the Yoga & Wine Girl, and I still kinda am, teaching at wineries every summer for the past 5 years.

So how can you think out of the box and find a new space to work from, collaborate with or host an event that will help you stand out?

1. Drive around town and look for local businesses that align with your vision. For example: I once drove around and found a cute coffee shop that had room to host 8-9 students in the cute loft upstairs. I taught there and marketed it as a Yoga & Coffee class and boom, something new!

2. Approach fellow business owners from a open, honest standpoint about what your plan is to collaborate and how it could benefit them. For example with my Yoga & Coffee Class, the coffee shop will get more customers in for their morning coffee.

My Yoga & Wine classes always finished up with everyone sipping wine -that they purchased! It was win-win. The winery got new customers each week and I got a place to teach.

and finally,

3. Before you start your collaboration, make sure you approve the marketing plan with the other business owner too. You guys want to be on the same page from the very beginning. Laying out clear expectations will help decrease the odds of a miscommunication later.

And that's how its done! I hope this helps you think out of the box so you can stand out by teaching at a really cool space!


Ashley Avis

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