Why I felt like I needed to start a BLOG.

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Hello and welcome to my BLOG! I am so happy we found each other! This is my first go at blogging (I feel so behind) and my very first blog post! I guess I can check becoming a blogger off of my bucket list -haha.

I will keep this one short and to point because the real good stuff is on its way.

When I ditched my full-time job to become a stay-at-home-mom, I knew that I needed some sort of side-hustle. I knew myself well enough that dropping all my passions to be a baby burper was not acceptable. I decided to keep teaching yoga, but on my terms. I launched my own yoga business right when my son was just a babe, and now it is bigger and better than I had dreamed.

Over the years I tried many things fill my yoga classes and build up a community. I didn't always have the right marketing plan or strategy to get my message out there, but making mistakes, trial and error and a whole lot of experimenting allowed me to learn fast, and make better decisions.

I have a billion stories about what has worked for me and what didn't, what saved me money and time, and what prevented me from getting ahead faster than I could have. I am going all out and sharing the good stuff right here on my blog.

If you are a small business owner, someone with a side-hustle or heck, someone who might want to start one some day, then this blog is for you. Like I said, I am new at blogging, but if you stick along for the ride I promise that these weekly blogs [I hope to publish every Thursday] will be full of marketing advice that will get your business to the next level. Topics will include: -how to stand out to attract new customers/clients -the importance of authenticity -branding advice -collaborating and networking with others -social media tips -what needs to be on your website -smart ways to gain influence -how I use email to fill my yoga classes -and so much more!

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Namaste Ashley Avis

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