The 2 Books I Tell ALL My Clients to Read

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

I know , I know, who actually has time to read right? The days and the to-do lists are so long that I struggle to get through a page each night before my eyes close and I wake up with my book on the floor and drool on my pillow. Working-Mom-Life drains me to the point where reading is usually the last on my to-do list. I always have the best intentions when I order a ton of promising page turners on Amazon, but they end up becoming decorative dust collectors instead. One day I picked up a book and decided to just read one page. It was a book that made it to my nightstand and was sitting there for months without being opened. For some reason, that day I was motivated enough to just read the first page. And then the next day I read another and another. Then the book got weird and started making bold statements that had me thinking about it throughout the day. I noticed parts of that book were actually making a difference in how I was working and the results I was getting. I kept reading, addicted to this progress that I was easily making and then once the book was done, I started telling EVERYONE about it! Literally the day after I finished the last page I ran this book over to a friend pretty much telling her (a mother of 3 under 3 at the time) that she had to stop EVERYTHING and read this book! So freakin’ weird right. From no time to read to 100% hooked.

From there I realized the power of a good book, and started reading another and then another. I’m proud to say that I read at least one book a month for personal development and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

But this isn’t a BLOG post about why you need to read. I specifically want to tell you about the 2 books that made a BIG difference in my work life and not work life.

The first one made me laugh, made me realize a TON of limiting beliefs that I had, forced me to face my true value in this world and helped me triple my income, YES TRIPLE MY INCOME! Order it now. Here it is:

You are a Badass at Making Money by the hilarious Jen Sincero.

My favourite parts of this book are when she explains how absolutely BROKE she was and how she was living before she made her money. I literally would laugh out loud and her honest and very clever choice of words. I’ve had numerous conversations about this book with people who don’t realize that they are charging way-too-low for their product/services and how thinking of their work in a new way can be a huge game changer for how much money they bring in. It has helped me add value to my life and look at money in a completely different light. Simply put, you WILL 100% MAKE MORE MONEY just by reading this book. I actually think the book could be named ATM but the current title is catchy too.

My second book is something I literally want to throw at all the doubters out there who say things like can’t, won’t or that’s impossible. If you are stuck and don’t know why, chances are you think something in your life just can’t be figured out. Well, you better duck because here comes the hardcover of Everything is Figuroutable by Marie Forleo.

I think I ordered this book because I 100% agreed with the title and wanted to read someone who had a similar point of view. I honestly believe if someone else can do it, I can do it too! OR if my dream has never been accomplished yet, I’m going to be the first to figure it out! That drive and ambition is in me now more than ever after reading this book! I especially love her chapters about progress, not perfection and starting before you are ready. And if you ever want to tune into your Fuck-You Power, read the chapter all about using haters as fuel to feed your dreams and goals. I’m not going to go on and on about how and why these 2 books are complete game changers, but I will say, if you are feeling stuck, or want to make a bigger impact, READ THESE 2 BOOKS! I would feel like a complete ass for not sharing them with you.

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Happy Reading!


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