Spotlight: How to Share From the Heart with Erin Hofer.

Today I am so happy to share from one of my dear friends, Erin Hofer of Red Petal Co. Erin is an Energy Healer and Reiki Practitioner in Port Dalhousie, ON. If you scroll back on Erin’s Instagram feed @redpetalco you will see a clear difference between how she used to post when she first started, and how she shows up now! Today she has the ability to attract others who love her message and her energy that shines through every single post! When I thought about what it takes to put yourself out there on social media, what “being real” means and how to post from the heart, the only person I would want to answer these questions is Erin! It was obvious, I had to make her my next Spotlight! Here’s Erin! Share a little bit about what your feed was like when you first started on Instagram:

Erin: Previously my feed was mostly Googled quote images, pictures of nature and other self care things I liked to do, and sometimes I’d throw in a selfie IF I felt comfortable. I was mindful about the messages I was sending in my posts, but they were presenting as if they were from a random personal feed instead of a thought out business feed. At this point in my self love journey I wasn’t comfortable in my skin yet, and I was still working through fears of being seen/made fun of/making mistakes/not being good enough etc., so I felt I was doing the best I could with how I was feeling at that time - which is always totally okay.

Why did you decide to start putting yourself out there and posting more pictures of you?

Erin: One day, I wanted to focus more on my online presence. I knew I needed help to re-brand Red Petal Co, so I asked a friend (Ashley Avis) and she suggested I put myself out there more. She helped me with a photoshoot and showed me how to lay out my images to plan out my feed. I was blown away! I instantly became curious and saw the potential for how this app was going to be useful for me. It was Ashley’s help that got me putting myself out there more, and I’m SO glad I did.

How did it feel to post a picture of you at the beginning vs after a few posts, or a few weeks, or a few months?

Erin: I'm lucky to have had 3 photoshoots with Ashley so far. After seeing the pictures from the first shoot, I was completely surprised with the outcome!

Ashley had an easy to follow and really fun way of supporting me and capturing my authenticity in the pictures even though I was extremely uncomfortable and self conscious the entire time during the first two shoots. I was really worried about my clothing and how my body was going to look, I really thought that I wasn’t going to like any of the pictures, and boy was I wrong.

By the third shoot I felt super comfortable not only behind the camera, but in my body and with myself, and it feels fantastic.

I love posting these pictures now and putting my smile out there! They have helped me so much more than just making my feed look amazing, they have also helped me overcome fears and gain so much confidence in myself and in body positivity - I am forever grateful.

What would you say to someone who was afraid to post a picture of themselves? Or who doesn't like posting pictures of themselves based on insecurities?

Erin: I would say that I totally understand and honour where you’re coming from, but please don’t hide that beautiful face from the world, we need it! I know it’s scary to put yourself out there, but what I experienced was that the benefits and developments go so much deeper than just feed aesthetics - you grow as a person too which is totally priceless. Face your fears, you got this!

Your captions are always so positive and inspiring and real. What is your caption writing process like?

Erin: My process is usually intuitive. I start by meditating, either in my home or during a walk or hike. I clear my mind and let the ideas flow. If something comes up that I like I’ll write out a sentence or two. If it feels good I’ll elaborate on it one more sentence at a time building and adding to the content. Eventually after re-writing and editing to a flow that I feel good with, I have a solid post of something inspiring and authentic. That’s all I do.

A lot of people say that sharing on their social media feed is therapeutic. What are your thoughts on that?

Erin: I 100% agree with that. Because a lot of my posts are authentic expressions of my journey, I can sometimes feel a sense of healing or closure when I publish it. It's like, now that I have shared it I can move forward from it. I often go back and re-read my posts for inspiration and guidance, and I think, man did I write that? I’m good.

How do you define beauty?

Erin: I define beauty only by how you love. That’s all.

What messages do you want to convey on social media?

Erin: That you are beautiful in everything that you already are right NOW.

That you are 100% worthy of anything and everything you want for yourself.

That you are a unique and timeless soul, meant to thrive.

That life is a wonderful journey and you are exactly where you should be.

That it’s safe to be 100% yourself in every way that you are.

That we need to lead with love and compassion, kindness is always the way.

What is next for RedPetalCo? What are you looking forward to in the future?

Erin: The deeper I dive into working on myself and feeling so amazing from the results of this work, the more I feel like I can help others along their way too. I’m looking into a few ideas right now of how I can bring this inspiration into light, and look forward to developing something for the near future.

Thank you SO MUCH Erin for sharing your story with us! You are beautiful and the world needs more of you! If you are curious to see Erin’s transformation yourself, Follow @RedPetalCo and start scrolling back through Erin’s feed. Warning: Her feed is definitely one that will make you smile! Happy Posting Ash

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