Spotlight: How to Get Over Your Fear of Being on Video with Andrea Rinaldi

Have you ever been watching stories on Instagram and saw a little notification that so-and-so was now LIVE? It is the newest thing on Instagram and allows you to video yourself in real time and engage with people watching you! Going LIVE can be super intimidating for some, and come naturally to others. Well, the latter is the case for my friend Andrea Rinaldi from @andrearinaldiwellness who is a rockstar at going LIVE to help build her business. Want to know her secrets? Keep reading!

Interview Spotlight: There isn’t a day that goes by where I don't look forward to seeing what videos you’re posted on social media. You're funny, you're real, you're confident, and you're kicking butt every time you go LIVE! What advice do you have to share about going LIVE? Face your fear and do it anyways. The more I tried to prepare to go live with notes and scripts and plans to do my hair and makeup etc I literally missed out on so much opportunity to serve my viewers. When I would finally feel prepared enough I would psych myself out because I had too much time to get nervous and let those sabotaging thoughts enter my head... what will they think... what if I mess up.. what if no one watches... what’s the best time to go on at... etc etc all it was was procrastination and missed opportunities. One day I came across a product that finally made me start feeling like myself again.... a product that actually works to give better focus and better energy among other things.... I didn’t even think twice. That day, I didn’t even look in a mirror. I just said “I’m going LIVE in 15 to talk about how good I feel” and just gave an authentic testimonial and didn’t think too much about it. I think I had 3 viewers so I thought okay cool. That wasn’t so bad. An hour later my phone blew up! I think because I didn’t say too much and that I just went on as-is. I really connected with my people on a real level and my business has been non stop ever since! Now getting on a LIVE almost every day “ unprepared” is just part of my routine. Going on at a consistent time at least once a week has increased my viewers to 20 on average... not a lot.... but it’s growing! What differences have you noticed in your social media/business since you started showing up in video? I am now getting “message requests” from people who started following me that I don’t know. I am getting referrals like crazy and tons of engagement on my posts in general. I feel like being real as real can be actually made my followers want to view my content and engage! Why do you think people are so scared to be on camera? It comes down to the voices in your head. We worry too much about being judged. The first time is always the hardest for sure, but it’s not life and death. You’ve got to just do it! If you believe in what you have to say or offer then just do it and do it consistently. Build that credibility, build that value and content you are serving your people and next thing you know, you realize your most successful posts are the ones you just went for without being overly prepared! What would you tell someone who has never gone LIVE before? GO LIVE! These days people may have scrolled and watched their share of posts and stories... personally I tend to click on the notifications I get of people going LIVE over anything else. Have energy, speak with passion, be in great posture and keep it short and sweet. I like to make a list of just 3 things I intend to share and 1 call to action. And I just wing it but as long as I get those things out there my job is done! Also asking for engagement through your LIVE is something New that’s been working for me! As you see people hop on, just ask them to Drop a 1 if they are joining live, Drop a 2 if they are watching a replay and Drop NEW if you are new here, I’d love to connect with you. Then I usually have a call to action key word and I will tell them to drop ️ in comments if you like what you hear or drop DEAL if you want the deal or drop FREE if you want to be entered into giveaway etc etc. This has made all the difference and gives me so much engagement to follow up on and started so many conversations which lead to so many relationships built! Do you have a mantra or do you give yourself a pep talk before you push record? Not really no. I tend to talk to myself a lot out loud though. When I have an idea or a thought, I just kinda talk it out. For real, the less I prepare for a LIVE the better I perform so I try not to psych myself out too much. I just make that list of 3 points and my call to action. If I’m talking about a product or something I will watch a quick video on it so I have key info on the top of my brain to get out there. I just made a commitment to myself and my customers and followers that I would do a LIVE on Fridays at 10:30 Q&A style since I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions over and over and it’s been a great way to funnel people to those LIVES to get them answered then having it there to tag people in as a free resource. Time leverage! Pro Tip: You learn as you go but you have to get going to learn. You will get better every time and it gets easier every time, but you have to start somewhere. It will probably suck your first time and that’s okay. More people can relate to that rather than a polished person up on a pedestal .... people are less likely to reach out to someone so perfect because they also fear judgement! Do you remember the first time you pushed publish on a video? What was that like? I remember I hated it when I watched it back. So now I don’t usually watch them back. I don’t even have time to because there’s new engagement on my posts and videos daily! I’m too busy responding to comments and questions! Is there anything else you want to add? Ultimately just think to yourself, What do I click on usually? What pulls me in to watch or to keep watching? Why am I following so and so? If you are attracted to that then use those types of tactics to pull your audience in. Being yourself will make it easier because there will be no prep time.You are just you. And it is what it is. You will connect to others and others out there will relate to you if you're real! You don’t want to be someone else because that’s exhausting to uphold and you're not attracting YOUR tribe. Once you find your tribe they won’t leave! Thank You SO MUCH Andrea for all of that advice! I almost feel like I need to go LIVE right now to tell everyone about this Blog Spotlight!! You make it seem so effortless, and I guess it is because you just started and kept going and didn’t look back. I love that, and you always make me laugh in your LIVE’s because you are so real!

If you want to watch Andrea in action: Catch her LIVE @andrearinaldiwellness Happy Posting Ashley

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