Spotlight: How being "Real" helps you stand out with Leah Fortune.

Today’s the day that we get to hear from the one and only Leah Fortune, owner of Gratitude Skincare. I’m not sure how I first started following Leah’s Instagram account @gratitudeskincare, but I do remember catching myself laughing as I scrolled through her feed.

Why? Because Leah’s Instagram account is not your average beauty feed. She posts the raw, real and oftentimes hilarious parts of her day in order to capture what true beauty really is and from there, attract and connect with her followers. When I’m bored I start searching for something relatable, entertaining and also educating. I find myself heading towards Leah’s feed and liking all of her posts and stories which is why today I HAVE to include Leah in my Spotlight Series as an expert on standing out and building connections on Instagram! Here it goes! Spotlight Interview:

Can you share a little bit about who you are and when you started Gratitude Skincare?

Leah: My name is Leah Fortune. I have been a licensed Esthetician and skin care specialist for 12 years. I specialize in customized results orientated facials with natural effective products.My passion is treating your skin through the use of different modalities such as dermaplaning, LED light therapy, facial peels, enzymes for acne and anti aging. I started Gratitude Skin Care Studio 5 years ago.

Your feed is one of my favourites because you show up so real and have so much personality! You give off such a fun, positive vibe and I love it! Were you always so confident putting yourself out there on social media?

Leah: I would say I've always been confident with social media but definitely have gotten better and it feels more natural to me. The more you do it the easier it feels.

When I first met you on the sidewalk in front of the gym, I had been following you for a few months already. When I saw you, I immediately felt like -I know that girl, she’s a friend - even though we had never actually met in person. How have you been able to get that kind of connection and build that relationship with people through social media?

Leah: In the beauty industry there can be a lot of intimidation and comparison and I want to break down those walls with my social media and let people know but I am human and it's okay to NOT BE PERFECT.

Sometimes I show up with a full face of makeup, hair done and uniform on in my posts. Sometimes I just woke up and I have Bed Head. I want to be real with my clients as I feel people connect better when they can relate.

As someone scrolls through your feed, they see a great flow of skincare related content and then not-skincare related content. Do you have a rule of thumb or a plan for what you are going to be posting about each day?

Leah: I used to sit in Starbucks and think about what I wanted to post about. I would make point form notes and start to make images about what I wanted to talk about.

If I wasn't feeling motivated and didn't like what I was posting, I wouldn't post it. And that's okay too. You don’t have to post if you have nothing to say.

Having a plan is great and makes it easier to produce good content.

If I'm really passionate about a new cleanser, I would gear my posts towards cleansing techniques, and include a talk about my cleanser in my stories Etc.

I do however find inspiration in the random moments too. Sometimes I will stop what I'm doing and make a post. Little waves of brilliance that I just have to put out there.

My brain is always going and I draw inspiration through my clients' questions, etc. It's always helpful to have a little folder on your phone of images and topics you want to talk about so when you are feeling uninspired, you have a list of topics to pull from.

If someone was on day one of their Instagram feed, what would you tell them to post?

Leah: I would tell them to do a little introduction post with a nice picture of themselves. Writing a few paragraphs that allows the followers to really connect and get to know you. People want to know who you are!

What is the biggest thing you have learned about social media?

Leah: People gravitate towards what they can relate to. Crazy facetuned picture-perfect images are no longer relatable. There is Beauty in being a little bit messy and real and still professional.

What advice would you give someone who is afraid to post a picture of themselves?

Leah: The more you post pictures the easier it will be. Remember people are not viewing you through the same lens that we sometimes negatively view ourselves through. You are truly beautiful and we want to see YOU!

Is there anything else you want to add?

Leah: Don't feel the need to post every day if you are not feeling motivated to.

Your superpower is being YOU! Nobody else is you and that's what separates you from everybody else!

Try your best to not copy what other people are doing because you think that's what you need to do. Only post what feels right!

Wow! That is all fantastic advice! I’ve literally been over here nodding my head and making little praise hands as I am reading this! Thank you so much Leah for taking the time to share with us your thoughts on Instagram!

Want to see Leah in action? Check her out @gratitudeskincare. I freakin’ love her! Happy Posting


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