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Ep 3: 5 REELS Ideas to Increase Sales

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Instagram REELS are a pretty powerful way to:

-Increase your reach

-Increase your following

-Increase your engagement

and if done right

-increase your sales I'd love to share with you today 5 REELS ideas that will help you make this happen:

P.S. If you want the shortcut to how REELS are made, check out my Instagram REELS Workshop-available NOW. CLICK HERE to check it out! Here are 5 REELS Ideas to Increase Your Sales Today: - Be sure to listen to the episode to hear me elaborate on these ideas! 1. Make a REEL overcoming your main objection, and if it is cost, talk about your value and what makes you unique and worth the extra dollar.

2. Make a REEL talking up the specific struggle and solution your products/services offer. Seriously, if you solve a problem- prove it in a REEL!

3. Show people the impact you can make on their life. Show the transformation your offer delivers and evoke some action-taking emotion.

4. Share social proof that other people trust you too and are buying your offer!

5. Make a REEL where you open up and let people see the real you and communicate your values.

Have questions about this stuff? Let's have a conversation! Send me a DM today! Ashley Avis Marketing Consultant Online Educator Podcaster #reels #instagramreels #socialmediastrategy

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