Outsourcing: How I Knew I Was Ready.

Over the past few months as my marketing business has gotten busier, I feel I have moved into a new phase of entrepreneurship: Overwhelm.

I’ve had days where I opened my laptop at the crack of dawn, worked nonstop and still felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day as I went to bed that night.

I started hating my to-do list, wishing I was more organized, but ultimately wishing that small menial tasks would just disappear or even better - someone else would do them for me. Safe to say, I was getting a little tired and was on my way to the burnout zone.

Then one day -very recently- I thought, what would happen to this business if I got sick, or what’s going to happen to my to-do list if I went on a two-week vacation? How will my business run and make me money when I need to rest?

I also knew that I was pretty much at my capacity and that I wouldn’t be able to take on more client work and grow my business if I didn’t get help. In the back of my mind, I knew the answer was to hire a team aka outsource.

Outsourcing is when you hire someone to complete tasks within your business that don't necessarily need you to do them. It frees up time so that you can start working on your business instead of in your business. Did you know there are a million things that you could outsource? -Email Writing -Customer Follow Up -Social Media Posts -Website Updates -Deliveries -Housekeeping -Grocery Shopping -Babysitting -I could go on and on. You get the picture right? Reasons I didn’t Outsource Sooner: I had these mind blocks, aka fears that: a) I was only in my first year of business and I couldn’t afford to fork over the dollars for help And b) I didn’t trust that anybody else could do it as good as me. It’s 100% possible that you’re telling yourself the same stories, but I recommend to do it anyways! I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it felt when I was at the beach, playing with my kids and laughing because work was getting done but I wasn’t stuck at my desk. To go to bed at night knowing that my to-do list was cut in half and I was going to have time and brain power to focus on the growth and sustainability of my business. It’s pretty wonderful.

So if you’re thinking, okay, maybe I’m ready to outsource, here’s what I recommend: Do a brain dump and put your entire to-do list on a piece of paper. Put all of your time consuming, it’s-got-to-get-done-but-I-don’t-wanna stuff on there including non-work related things like housekeeping, laundry, or groceries too. Once that list is good and long, start circling the things that only you can do. Then take the rest of the list and prioritize based off of how much time you would get back if you delegated. Or, prioritize based off of the things you really don’t want to do/are not that good at. Then start the search for someone that can cross that off of your list for you.

Hiring people that I knew I could trust and that I knew in my heart could produce the same quality of work or better was important. First, I looked at my current network of friends and family and past colleagues. I considered the strengths and availability of the people that I already knew to see if any of them would align properly with my current needs. I am lucky enough that I was able to make some of my first big hires from my current network. If you think of who you know and draw a big blank, the second thing you could do is make a post on social media letting people know that you're hiring! See who responds and if they are the right fit.

Honestly guys time is more valuable spent working on your business instead of in it. Chances are the more you outsource, the more likely you are to scale up fast. So take it from me, or take it from my clients who are all experts at Outsourcing: if you want to grow then you need to let go of the reins.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or that your to-do list is never ending and you don’t have anytime time, those are telltale signs that you are ready to outsource.

If you’re thinking you need someone to outsource your social media content, web design or email marketing, I’m your girl! I absolutely love what I do and am having an amazing time building relationships and serving my clients! Let’s chat about how I can take some work off of your plate! Email me:

Ashley Avis

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