3 Easy Ways to Name Your Business

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Congratulations! You decided to start your own business! Now the tough part. How do you create a business name? In my opinion, having a simple short name is great for marketing.

Remember: you are going to be saying this name and typing it thousands of times, so make sure you love it too. If you are at a loss and can't think of anything -mindblock- or you want to make sure the name you picked isn't holding you back, read on!

Here are 3 Easy Tips to Name Your Business!

1. Keep it Simple. When creating a business name, keep in mind that people are going to want to know how to spell and pronounce it. You want it to be unique but not too complicated. For Example keeping it to one or two words is smart.

2. Classic Idea: Use your own name! That’s what I did. However, keeping with Tip number one, I couldn’t very well use my last name (super hard to spell and pronounce) So I chose my middle name instead. Voila. Ashley Avis Yoga. If your first and middle name are hard to spell/pronounce then see tip number 3.

3. Try thinking of something punny. I love punny jokes and clever punny names. Keeping the first letters the same is pretty popular these days (Example: Buddha Bob’s Yoga) I love what my friend Andrea did with her prenatal yoga business named Mamabear Wellness (P.S. Her logo is so freakin cute too. Click Here to check out Andrea, She's brilliant!)

This takes a little more creativity, so if you want to go this route, its probably best to put yourself in a situation where there is no pressure and you feel free to think and explore new words.

Just a reminder, you want to search the name you created and see if anybody already has chosen this name for themselves. And that’s it! Good Luck!

I’d love to hear some of your ideas! Let me know!

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