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Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Want to know a secret about social media? You do not need thousands of Instagram of Facebook followers in order to book people into your classes. When you are just getting started, all you really need to do is attract a handful of quality followers who find you relatable. The bookings start once people get to know you, like you and ultimately trust you.

So how do you attract those future students on social media?

Start with a killer introduction! I like to post an introduction every few weeks. It allows me to say hi to my new followers and build our relationship right away. Why leave them wondering and waiting to hear what you are all about?

And don’t worry about your current followers getting annoyed or wondering why you keep posting this. Odds are they aren’t reading every single post you put out there anyways and if they are, you can always mix it up a bit to be fun!

So how do we nail it?

Try this:

First, Find a great headshot. You do not need your whole body in the picture, just a good quality pic of your face. Why? People need to know what you actually look like in order to recognize you! Trust me, if you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, it's time to jump out of that comfort zone and put yourself out there. No need for a huge hair and makeup session either. Think about what you look like when you teach yoga (ok maybe fix your hair a little bit) and go from there. If it is a super glam shot, people may be surprised when they walk into the studio to meet you with a scrunchie and no make up on. -Just saying.

Second: Be relatable. People book with teachers they know like and trust. So, let them get to know you! Share your personal story, your fav things to do on the weekends or the fact that you love cats. Share something honest that others can relate to so you guys have something in common.

Third: Don’t be too formal. On social media our goal is to make friends, not to sign a contract. Go ahead and post just like you are having a conversation with a friend. It makes things feel safe and comfortable, plus its a chance to let your personality shine.

Fourth: Introduce yourself often! Continue to let people get to know you and your story. The more you share, the more you will attract your tribe. If it feels like you are just talking about yourself all the time, trust me, you’re doing it right.

So here is an example of something I shared:

Caption: I've gotten a bunch of new followers lately and I want to shout out and say hi! 🖐Let me take a sec and tell you a little about me.

I'm a mom of two from St. Catharines, ON.

I'm also a passionate yoga teacher who hosts three Hatha Yoga classes a week, each 45 minutes long.

I teach from a little yoga studio I have in the North End. It fits 9-10 students (so small class sizes) and I love it.

I also love meeting other teachers too and have recently started mentoring and sharing advice that has allowed me to keep my yoga teaching business growing for the past 5 years.

A few other things you should know: I love mom hacks that are going to save me time because time is my most valued commodity. I love coffee in the morning and wine at night but I am on a mission right now to increase my energy and elevate my mood with nutrition/exercise.

I love Disney Movies, traveling, sushi, a good sense of humour, yoga pants, finding that perfect scrunchie and having 'me-time.'

Do we have something in common? Let's hear it! Say hi below and tell me something you want me to know about you! It's fun meeting new people right? 🖤 High 5 and have a great day!

So remember, it does not matter how many followers you have on social media. What matters is that you are attracting quality followers who can relate to you.

Post a killer introduction today and from there, keep sharing about you!

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Ashley Avis

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