My 3 Favourite Apps for Online Marketing

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Entrepreneur life can be a lot of things, but most of all, it can be messy. Having tools that keep me organized and save me time are key. Here are my Top 3 Apps/Online services that I use all-the-time when running my business.

  1. Canva. You know when you want to have that perfect image, with the right font and the right colour, but you don’t know where to find it? Make it yourself on Canva! I use Canva to create 99% of the graphics for myself and my clients. Why do I like it? It is easy to use, AND you can save and organize your creations into folders that are always available for you at I log in on my desktop or phone and I can create an on-brand image for anything -social media, cover photos, youtube thumbnails, presentations, PDF Templates, anything! - and I can download and save the image super fast. I pay something like $12.99CAD for Canva Pro which gives you access to all kinds of fonts, illustrations, templates and stock photos to help get you started. Give it a try - you will love it.

  1. PLANN. Plann is a mobile app where you can drag and drop images to create the perfect Instagram feed. I upload my favourite images and rearrange them in Plann until I have created the look I want. I usually design my feed 1-2 weeks in advance. This app also allows you to write in your captions, save your hashtags and send yourself reminders for when to post. I believe a desktop version is coming out soon so that you can type out your captions on your desktop, open your phone and they are already in the app - which is super great for those who prefer keyboards. Plann has a free version and a paid version that will give you extra features for strategy and analytics -I haven’t used those options yet. If you are trying to get the right look and feel to your feed, I highly recommend dragging and dropping in PLANN- warning, this is really fun and can get a little addicting.

  1. The last one is an online service that I am so happy I found! Flodesk. Flodesk is an email service provider similar to Mailchimp. It is super simple to use (which is so me) AND is really pretty! If you want to grow an email list and send out professional, on-brand emails then I only recommend Flodesk. Their email templates are genius - designed by top influencers and marketers to help you create emails that are so cool! Tip: You can save your fonts, colours, logos and link your Instagram feed to your emails to keep everything super on brand and professional. I love Flodesk because you can create forms to capture email addresses, and create workflows/automations to get content out to your list while you sleep. It is super reliable and their analytics are great too. Flodesk is regularly priced at $38USD/Month BUT I have a promo code that you can use to save 50% OFF your monthly subscription to Flodesk: ASHLEYAVIS. Or Click Here to get Flodesk for only $19USD/Month! And that’s it folks. Those are my 3 Favourite Apps I use for Online Marketing. Canva, Plann and Flodesk. Have fun with them, and if you get stuck, send me a message @ashleyavisco and I can help you out!

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