How to Spend Less Time Getting Insta-Worthy Pictures

So say you’re out and about and a friend takes a few great pictures of you that are all insta-worthy. You want to post them to your feed, but then you know in a few days, you are just going to have to be camera ready again and be on the prowl for the next great shot.

The pressure of getting great shots every day can be tough! And I have definitely felt that pain. So to help make things a little easier on you, here are my 4 tips to getting longevity out of your photos and spend less time getting insta-worthy pictures. 1. When you are getting those photos taken with a friend, ask if you can get a few extra pictures but change your hair, or take off/put on another layer of clothing to make it look like a new outfit or a new look. Getting 4-5 pictures in a minute or two that are not all identical will save you time of having to get pictures taken every day.

2. Plan out your feed to have that current picture of you next followed by a quote. Quotes are great ways to plot in something educational, inspiring or entertaining without having to use a photo of you. I like to use a quote in my feed every 4-8 posts. I design these text-based pictures in a free app called CANVA. Just make sure you have a great call-to-action in these posts because engagement levels could dip on posts without you in them.

3. Don’t be afraid to repost old images of you that performed really well in the past! If you scroll way back on my feed - just kidding - who has time to scroll way back on someone’s feed? Nobody! So if its been a few months since you posted a kick ass picture of you that you really want to share again, just do it! I have this one picture of me in the pool in Las Vegas on my 30th birthday that I think I have shared 3 times already simply because I loved the memory and I was looking pretty good that day.

4. Use an app to plan out the look of your grid. I personally love the app PLANN. It’s free (with some paid features if you want them) and you can plan out what your feed will look like so that you can space out your great photos of you next to your quotes and past photos you want to reuse. Once you have the look and feel that you are after, then its easier to see what kinds of images you are missing and go from there.

I hope these little tips helped you! Feel Free to follow me on instagram @ashleyavisyoga to see me in action.


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