How to Sell Anything

For those of you who have never had sales training before listen up. I am going to quickly break down the years of training and experience I have in the sales and marketing world into one quick blog post.

I’m writing about sales because I feel like there are a few of you who are killing it when it comes to attracting your ideal clients and customers, but your conversion or the execution of the sale can be messy and a bit wishy washy. So please, let me give you a few pointers. I want to preface this and say that I wrote this after watching one of my favourite movies, Wolf of Wall Street. You should watch it and pay attention every single time he asks someone to “sell me this pen.” P.S. I love Leonardo DiCaprio. Here it is…

How to Sell Anything #1. Build Rapport. This is a sales training way of saying relate to your ideal customer. Get to know them. Get them talking. Ask them questions. Listen to the answers! Find commonalities that you guys have and then roll with it. This is not “small talk” by any means, it's just getting to know this person until you can figure out if you are the right fit for them and if they are a right fit for you. #2. Find Out Their Goals. Ask them what problems they have that need to be fixed. Ask them what their big bad dreams and aspirations are. Ask them when they want to see results by and how important this is to them.

#3. With Integrity, Provide the Solution! If they have a goal to get from A to B, give them the solution that will get them there. This is when you get to show them that you have been listening and that you can help!

P.S. I always like to have multiple choices for solutions, you will see why in a second.

#4. Ask for the Sale. SO many of us are afraid to actually say the words: so do you want to buy this? Are you in? Or my favourite, Which option works best for you? (See the multiple choice there?) Be confident in your ability to provide solutions and don't be wishy washy when you finally ask them to commit. Tip: Ask and then be quiet. Listen to them either say yes or…. #5. Overcome Objections. When someone says no to us, pay attention to why they are saying no. If they are giving you a wishy washy answer as to why they are not saying yes, chances are you did not do a good enough job explaining the value of your solution. It’s a good idea to track which objections you get the most and practice overcoming them beforehand.

Ex. If someone says “It's too expensive,” think of ways to talk up the monetary value of the solution as you're explaining it in step number 3. When people tell me that my website design is out of their budget, I remind them of the boost in income they will receive with a properly designed site AND how much time they will be saving trying to make their own where they can be working on other means of income to help pay for their new kickass site. #6. Follow Up. Not everyone is going to say YES right away. Chances are having a super high close ratio at the beginning of your sales journey is pretty unrealistic. BUT. You can easily get more sales by doing this one simple thing that most of us are too lazy or unorganized to remember: Follow Up! Remind your people that you are here, you remember their goal, and that you still have the solution for them. It’s as easy as sending a text, email or a quick phone call. And that’s SALES 101.

I really truly hope this helps you out! If you want me to write more posts like this, then you have to give me some love. Please TAG me @ashleyavisco in a Screenshot of this post and share it up to your stories! I’ll be over here cheering you on!

You Got This!


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