Doing THIS for 20 Min a day Will Make a BIG Difference!

As a business owner, I know you already have a lot on your plate - and I certainly do not want to add MORE to your plate. BUT, I feel like it is a disservice if I did not mention this little bit of advice, this one little thing that you should be doing for 20 minutes a day that will make a big difference in your online game.

I’m talking about engagement. I have spoken about this a lot in my training seminars and with my clients. Most of the time I am talking about how to create more engagement on your accounts aka call to actions. But a lot of us forget the next step - WE need to engage on other people’s accounts and groups too! Why? When we comment on our peers accounts/pages and are active members in other groups providing thoughtful and genuine comments, then we are showing up for our communities. NOTE* I am not talking about selling or offering anything to these people. This is just to make new connections, meet new people and start building new relationships. I am talking about engaging with other people’s posts where you feel you could contribute or help in a genuine way. When we take 20 minutes a day to engage (comment on, like or share) with our online communities, it shows people that we are real - not just robots running a business. It allows people to get to know us, like us and trust us so that when we do finally have an offer to sell, they check it out.

Here are 4 Ways to Engage with your Online Community:

1. Scroll through your Facebook and Instagram Feed and like and comment on posts that you find interesting/inspiring or educational. Make the comment meaningful instead of a generic emoji. DO NOT Comment on EVERYTHING. Be selective and genuine.

2. Respond to Facebook and Instagram stories that you like. Have fun with it! 3. Join a bunch of groups that you find interesting that may not have much to do with your business/industry. Ex: Yoga Groups, Book Clubs, Mom Groups, Sci-Fi Fan Clubs etc. Engage with a few posts with a goal to connect with new people with similar interests. 4. Respond to people who commented on your posts. This is a must! I try and comment back to everyone who comments on my posts. I usually put as much energy into a response as they did in the comment. So for example: If they commented a heart emoji, I usually comment a emoji back. If they typed out a longer comment, I type a longer response. It doesn’t take much. I bet you are already scrolling your feeds on the daily anyways. Just make sure you are engaging with your online communities often so that when you do have something to launch or offer, people are not just thinking you are there to sell, but that you have been there engaging as an active community member this whole time. You are a real person, with similar interests - not just a robot.

Hope this helps! Any questions about social media: check out my training video at or send me a DM @ashleyavisco. Ash #socialmediastrategy #begenuine #beyourself

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