Email Marketing is Not Dead!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

So you are super excited to share your latest offer with your followers. You spend some time putting together the best social media post and then you share it on Instagram, Facebook and …..crickets.

The super exciting offer you put together to promote your business disappears into social media and you are left wondering why the offer flopped, why only your mom commented and if you should just quit now. But what if there was a way you could communicate your offer to the right people and ensure that they saw it?

If you want an effective way to communicate to your people - it doesn’t get better than email. Here are a few reasons why:

1. EVERYONE checks their email, and over half of us admit to checking it first thing in the morning! Be honest, how many times do you check your email? As a business owner, I live in my inbox so rest assured, if you email me, I probably saw it!

2. You own your email list. You do not own your followers. If Instagram and Facebook shut down tomorrow, how would you stay in touch with your people? -Email.

3.. Don’t fight the algorithum. There is no need to compete with flashy social media posts. With email, you just need to serve up good stuff and think of a juicy subject line and BOOM, the open rate goes straight up!

4. Its actually not that hard to grow your email list or revive an old list that you haven’t emailed in a while. Setting up a work flow or an automated email sequence is pretty easy these days with email providers like MailChimp or my fav Flodesk! (Click Here to check out Flodesk)

Now, if you are wondering what your next step is or how to start building a list then connect with me asap! Either send me a DM @ashleyavisco OR connect with me at and we can book a quick call! Ashley #emailmarketing #emaillist #growyourlist

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