Before & After: Websites, Why I Love Them

If you’re an entrepreneur then you probably have had at least 1 or 2 questions about websites before, yes? And by websites I mean anything from a landing page, sales page, blog - basically a place about your business besides social media.

When I first started my business Ashley Avis Yoga, I didn’t have a website and relied on social media for everything from my location and contact details to promoting my classes and booking events.

Since then I have learned so much about websites and design strategy. I wanted to share with you the different impacts having a website and not having one has had on my business.

First off, I am not saying that your business cannot make money without a website. I'm sure there are a ton of you out there who have a thriving business, making money without one.

But if you want to learn, there is a way to do it - and it might actually help you streamline some things.

Ashley Avis Yoga: Pre Website

I only lived on social media aka Facebook and Instagram. Which meant when I had a class or workshop I wanted people to book in for, I’d have to post about it and compete with the algorithms in order to even get my events visibility.

And if someone did find my class or workshop, they had to click over to the Facebook Event, read the details about how to book in. (Send me a message, then I would send them the information to send an e-transfer or agree to pay cash) None of this was automated which meant if I didn’t respond right away, I would lose people’s interest. To me, this seems like a lot of steps, clicks and effort to get one sale.

On top of all of that- I had immense pressure to stay organized! I would have to record attendance on my clipboard, remember to bring my clipboard to classes, hope the cash payers would show up, have extra cash on hand to make change, get everyone to sign a paper waiver, and keep track of everything by hand…..just a little complicated to say the least.

I thought - wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place where my audience could go to get all the details about everything I offer, book themselves into what they want and pay right there online?

And then wouldn’t it be amazing to have an attendance list created for me, and the money gets tracked and deposited directly into my bank account?

This was what I wanted, and this was exactly what I got when I finally looked into a booking website.

Ashley Avis Yoga: Post Website

Getting a website was a game changer for my business.

Firstly, because now I had a place where people could visit to get all of my information about my classes, workshops, and ME.

Second: Once they knew they wanted to book, they could! In one easy step- just click the Book Now button and they enter their details and pay in just 2 clicks. Super easy! As an online shopper myself, this is impulse buyer friendly. If I was too many clicks away from purchasing, I’d personally just “do it later.” But I was able to make it easy and get people booked in quick, and get paid the same day!

Thirdly: It keeps me so organized! My booking site has a backend that shows me who booked in, their contact information and how they paid. Come tax time- this is super helpful!

Fourth: My website built my email list for me! Now I have an algorithm proof way of contacting my people! If you want more information about growing or starting an email list, email me:

So, where do you start?

I design all of my websites on Wix. It’s a drag-and-drop style of a website hosting platform, so it’s user friendly and you don’t need to know fancy code.

My first website was dreadful but the learning curve wasn’t bad. After I figured out the strategy I wanted I was able to put the rest together. I really like how easy it was to make any edits or changes.

Now I’ve done over 40 websites this year on Wix alone, and teach my entrepreneur clients how easy it is for them to make their own updates. It’s very empowering to know you have control over your website.

Try making your own. Wix has a ton of tutorials and templates to make it easy, and if you need help along the way - message me!

OH! And if you feel you can’t afford a website, Wix actually has low cost premium plans with e-commerce for around $15/month USD. Just make sure you wait for a sale, they have two 50% off sales per month, so don’t pay full price! That also includes a domain too (your so it’s really a great deal.

Hope this helps! Want to stay informed the next time I publish some good website strategy? CLICK HERE to join my Insiders Club.


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