How to Live + Work in Alignment with Erin Hofer

I really truly believe that we all have special gifts and interests that can change and be multifaceted, and I also believe that we should dedicate time to those gifts. A lot of us don't have time because of our jobs, but wouldn't it be cool if our jobs could be completely aligned with our gifts? Yes - I 100% believe that it can, and Erin is the perfect example of how to do it.

Erin Hofer is a Reiki Master in the Port Dalhousie area of St. Catharines, and the owner of Red Petal Co., an in-home energy healing studio.

We met over 10 years ago working at a local gym, and we even spent 2 years sharing an office together where we got to really connect and bond even deeper.

The Erin I knew back then is not the Erin I know today - she was always sweet, kind, and easy to talk to, but struggled with confidence and her passions. Over the years I got to be a part of her journey, watching as she grew and her entrepreneur life blossomed.

I’m so inspired by Erin’s story that I featured her in a recent live, keep reading for the full scoop plus she answers a few questions about divine timing and the Law of Attraction too.

Erin’s Story

"Back when Ashley and I first met I was under the impression that you must find a good job or some career to be able to pay your bills, have good benefits, and then set yourself up for retirement. Right?

And that anything you’re passionate about is just a hobby, something you wouldn’t pursue full time, something you just do on the side.

I’m sure you can relate.

So my 9-5 job was managing a local gym to pay my bills.

And don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it. I was in the industry for 11 years, it was a lot of fun, and I was pretty good at it….BUT it wasn’t something I was really passionate about. You know? But I stuck with it.

Now, before I became a manager, back around when Ashley and I first met, that’s when I first started to learn about Reiki and energy healing, and I quickly developed a big passion for it.

So, I decided to go for the training and got my Level 1 and Level 2 certifications, and then about a year later I opened my Reiki studio.

Back then though, I could only see about 2-3 clients a month on average.

And that was because after working my 9-5 job, I didn’t really have much time or energy left to be able to give more into my studio. Into my passions. So I put it on the back burner.

Now, I was also going through a lot at that time too. I had just flipped my life upside down, I became single and living on my own for the first time.

At this point I felt totally broken, lost and disconnected from myself, full of different fears and anxieties, I just didn’t know who I was anymore. So I had a lot on my plate, and It was tough.

But making that big change was also really exciting because, even though I was still working full time, I was able to start healing and start creating a new life that I could live on my own terms while I healed and reconnected with myself again.

And for the next 4 years I worked really hard on myself.

Digging deep into the limiting thought patterns and belief systems that I had developed, unravelling fears that held me back, and learning how to love and honour myself as is - ME. Right NOW.

It wasn’t easy, it took a lot of work and effort and I’m still working through things today - BUT NOW - I know who I am, what I want, what’s important to me, and I confidently stand in my truths because I’m not bothered by what other people think about me or how I chose to live my life.

And let me tell you: Life is so much easier when you don’t care about what other people think and you just do your own thing.

SO fast forward those 4 years to March 2020. I’m still managing the gym...still enjoying it but not passionate about it… and THEN... COVID hits and we have to close our doors for the first lockdown, which lasted about 3 months.

Now, I know these were really challenging times for a lot of people. But I got to say that those 3 months I had off were a great blessing for me.

Because even though I had already done A LOT of work on myself, this situation gifted me an opportunity to really experience what it would be like to have an abundant amount of space in my life that I could fill with more of the things that I love - that feel good for me.

  • I borrowed my friend’s keyboard and learned some songs on the piano.

  • I sang, journalled, and found ways to be creative.

  • I tried to learn how to do the splits lol That didn’t work out...

  • Another amazing friend lent me her extra kayak for the summer, so I went kayaking or hiking any time the sun was shining and I’d bring my journal and write a million pages, just breathing in the amazing energy of nature, and enjoying using my senses.

I pretty much just went with the flow of each day as it unfolded for me…even if some of those days I didn’t end up moving from the couch lol - but we all need those days, right? #noregrets

Ultimately, it showed me what it was like to live life every day on my own terms, and experience a life that felt good for me all the time, not just outside the hours of 9am-5pm.

So that’s why I am so grateful for those 3 months - for the major shift in perspective and the impactful changes in my energy - where I finally felt light, free, expansive, and really just, more like ME.

So 3 months go by… and then...

In the middle of a beautiful hike, I get the call from my boss to return back to work.

RIGHT away my heart SANK and my energy immediately tensed and became anxious.

Everything inside me was screaming NOOOOO. I even cried when I got off the phone and just ran around in the forest to try to shake those emotions OFF because they did NOT feel good.

So that’s why right away I knew that going back was not in alignment for me.

But... I tried. I went back for 1 week, but my energy just felt even more awful as the days went on - I could just feel the ickiness that was all over my vibes.

And you know, I tell everyone to follow your heart, and listen to your intuition - to follow what feels good for you... so I knew what I had to do... working there… it was over, and I resigned that next Monday.

SIDE NOTE. The cool thing was that, the Friday - the end of that first week I was back was actually my birthday! And I remember just feeling how everything seemed to be aligning for me so perfectly, how the timing of it all was so divinely orchestrated. How it just felt so right. More signs that I was making the right choice.

BUT, I still needed to figure something out - where I could make a full income working from home while STILL having the freedom and flexibility I just experienced while off.

Now, I knew I was going to open my Reiki studio full time, but I didn’t really have a solid plan in place to make sure I could pay my bills, other than having a lot of faith in myself, AND in the universe that if I follow my dreams, I know I will be taken care of.

That the universe has my back.

So because of that belief, I took the leap of faith and trusted my gut that it would all work out for me. That things will align.

It’s been over 6 months now, of me fully supporting myself. All my bills are paid and all my basic needs are met. And for now, that’s good enough for me, because I love living this kind of life - where I’m able to create the life that I want for myself.

Now, I understand not everyone is in a position to be able to do this how I did. Being single with no kids and living on my own, it did play a big factor in it. I know.

But you don’t have to make big leaps all at once. Small and gradual steps over time make a huge difference too. You just need to tune into your heart and listen to your gut, and then take small actions towards a new direction. And maybe knowing THAT, you might have a little more confidence in that it IS possible for you too.

Big leaps or small steps - if you follow where your heart takes you, you will be guided and taken care of.

Because everything is energy. Everything. Money, relationships, your well-being - literally everything.

And the Law of Attraction provides you with whatever is in YOUR vibration - so it’s important be mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on certain topics because that becomes your vibration.

Anyways, to sum it up - because of my energy - how I FELT - I knew with every part of me that this was the right direction for me to take, and for 6 months everything has aligned and worked out for me just fine.

I was not spending any time stressing about not having benefits, financial stability, pensions or retirement.

My focus is, and will always be - on my joy. On my self care, my self talk, self love, and self development.

Think about how YOU want to define success for YOU. Is it by the size of your wallet? It certainly can be, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

For me, it’s about the size of my joy.

Because the vibration of joy resonates in love, in abundance, in clarity and in true happiness - and if I can focus on those kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions being my dominant vibration, the Law of Attraction must return it to me. And what more could I need than that?"

How does someone trust their gut?

"Your gut is your intuition - but you can’t hear it very well if your mind is full of clutter. When you work on clearing your mind through things like journaling, meditation or energy healing techniques you’re able to hear your intuition more clearly.

But it’s not enough to just tune into your intuition, you need to then take trusted action towards where it’s pulling you.

Then, the more you take trusted actions, the more you will see that following your gut and intuition actually leads you to things like new places, amazing people, and impactful experiences that are meant to help you grow.

Your story sounds like everything just happened in perfect timing - very go with the flow. And watching how your business has progressed and then pivoted again, it just seems so natural. So can you speak to that for us?

Trust me, I’ve spent over a decade trying to force my life to be something that it was never going to be - it’s exhausting and doesn’t feel good.

Sure, you can force your life and get pretty far. You can fight to find all the answers at once, going against the natural flow of your life, and still be very successful.

The difference is, when you give up control and let your intuition guide you - you’re still creating your life, but you get to learn more through divine experiences - because of divine timing.

What if you weren’t meant to have all the answers right now? (that’s a trick question bc you’re not)

The answers you seek will come to you as you are ready to receive them. And that’s because they are already within you, waiting to come to light when the time is right for you. "

What is Divine Timing?

"Divine timing is about how literally everything happens at the perfect moment in time.

When you have an understanding of divine timing you have a deep knowing that everything that’s happening in your life is happening FOR you, and at the perfect time - for you, for everyone, for everything, everywhere.

This knowing then shifts your perspective from a victim roll (where you blame others or other factors in life) into a creator roll (where you take responsibility for your own life and actions, fulling knowing that you are the sole creator of everything in your life)

This is because everything is energy - and the Law of Attraction provides you with whatever is within your vibration.

Even when something bad or stressful happens - you don’t attach to the heaviness of the emotions behind it so much anymore, because you’re able to view it as something more - a learning opportunity - a needed experience for you to learn and grow from. "

What is the Law of Attraction?

"The LOA is a universal law where we attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. Ever heard of karma, or the saying: you get what you give?

You see, whatever you’re focusing on (your thoughts, feelings and emotions) becomes your energy.

Your energy is your vibration and what you’re sending off into the universe. The LOA reads your vibes, and then it must return to you more of what your vibration is.

That’s why it’s important to be mindful of the thoughts in your head, and to keep your mind clear through things like journaling, meditations, yoga, energy healing, or literally whatever it is that you enjoy that will help you. "

How can someone use the LOA in their business?

"The key is to train your mind to believe you are already where you want to be. The money is already in your bank account. Your clients are already booked in. The car is already in your driveway.

You can do this through things like vision boards, mantras, journaling, meditations - anything that will help you focus on feeling the emotions of what it’ll be like when you’re where you want to be.

Because when you believe you’re already there, this becomes your dominant vibration that the LOA will pick up on and start aligning fun experiences and opportunities that will guide you towards getting these things.

Because in the end it’s not really about the things, it’s about the emotions you want to feel from having said things. So the trick is to feel the emotions first, and then through the LOA it will come to you - but as you become ready for it."

What about when you are faced with a business challenge?

"I get that. With the second lock down I had to close my doors just 5 months after I opened and I didn’t qualify for government assistance because I voluntarily quit my 9-5 job, so I needed to find another way to bring in income and fast.

My advice: You roll with it. You go with the flow. You follow the signs.

If you’re tuned into your intuition and believe you will be taken care of - the universe will guide you.

Now that’s the real “work” in life - is to get out of your head and trust your intuition to guide you towards what you really want for yourself.

So when the second lockdown hit I knew that I wasn’t meant to go find some other job somewhere...I had to improvise.

I thought about the skills I do have, what else I’m good at, and how I could use those skills and experiences while still working from home.

So around Christmas when I posted about my studio’s Lockdown Updates I added at the bottom that I was looking for Virtual Assistant work (which made the most sense from my experiences) with a list of things that I was good at.

Through that post and through word of mouth, I gained 3 new clients within 1 week and half way through January I was at a full workload.

It didn’t come together because I tried really hard to find the work (forcing it), it aligned because I listened to my heart, followed my intuition, and believed that something was going to align for me - it’s that simple.

Now, I’ve been supporting myself for 6 months, with all my bills paid and all my basic needs met.

Ya, I needed some help here and there along the way, but help was there so I took it and it all worked out.

So that’s where I’m at now, and for now, that’s good enough for me because I know as I continue along my journey many more amazing and abundant things will align for me - as I become ready to enjoy them.

I hope that my story will inspire anyone to bring more joy into your lives, and to start practicing tuning into your intuition, being mindful of your energy, and to have a little more courage to follow your passions, even just a little bit.”

If you were as inspired by this story as I was then I definitely recommend following Erin on Instagram @redpetalco Thank You Erin!! Ash Ashley Avis Marketing

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