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EP 66: Learn From the Pros How to Market Your Busines Online in 2023

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Welcome to The Ashley Avis Podcast, 2022 Finale! I am so grateful for the amazing guests who have come on my show. Today I asked some of them to share their marketing wisdom today and answer just three questions for me:

What did we do really well in 2022?

What can we STOP doing in 2023?

What is one thing you are focusing on for 2023 to make it your best year yet?

Want to hear their answers! I knew it! Scroll down to see my Guests, and to listen to Episode 66

Lauren Chamberlain, Network Marketer, Online Business Owner, Mother, Wife, and always, Lauren. Helps network marketers sell the modern way- and a lot of her tips can also be applied to entrepreneurs or anyone looking to build influence, create an impact on social media.

Featured in Episode 6: The Right Way to Sell on Instagram -Listen Here

Featured again in Episode 30: Everything You Need to Know About Niching Down -Listen Here

“It’s not about how big your following is, it's about how strong of a heartbeat your community has.” -Lauren

Debbie Roy, Content Marketer and Pinterest Expert

-Debbie sold me on the power of Pinterest and using it to drive traffic to my website and my offers, and it's been fun!

Featured in Episode 42: A Conversation With My Pinterest Coach - Listen Here

Lydia Naomi, YouTuber, Online Business Owner who creates sewing patterns that are detailed enough that a beginner can learn! .

Featured in Episode 36: Youtube for Beginners. -Listen Here

Courtney Fanning of Big Picture Branding, Copywriter, Online Marketer, Entrepreneur, helping entrepreneurs create a plan to define their brand and clearly deliver their message.

Featured in Episode 43- How to Write Better Copy for Your Website. -Listen Here LISTEN HERE

If you’ve got goals for 2023- I've got more episodes coming at you in the new year!

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Remember, you got this!!! Ashley Avis Social Media Coach Web Designer Podcast Host


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