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EP 57: How to Organize Your Business with Adult ADHD

Ever have trouble focusing? or Staying organized? Or remembering where you put something? That's what happened to my friend Felicia after having two kids, working a part-time job and starting a side hustle. She was overwhelmed, and seriously felt like something was off in her brain- and not just mom brain.

So she did some investigating, went to her doctor and long story short, was diagnosed with adult ADHD. Since then, she's been able to take a breath of fresh air and get her life back on track.

Learn her tips for staying organized, focusing, being present and remembering anything on today's episode!

Connect with Felicia, One Wild Love Instagram: Website: Want Information about joining my new online membership for small business owners? CLICK HERE!

Ashley Avis Social Media Coach Podcast Host Content Manager/Web Designer Jurassic Park Fan

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