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EP 33: My 5 Favourite Apps for Online Business

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Finding the right apps to help you save time, money, and show up professionally can be tricky. Every app comes with its own learning curve, tech-knowledge and sometimes, bill.

Today on the show, I'm going to highlight 5 apps that I love using. These apps keep me organized, save me time, help me with things like graphic design and booking consultations, and helps get my content across different devices.

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My 5 Favourite APPS:

1. Asana

What I use it for: Scheduling EVERYTHING, staying organized, assigning tasks to my team Why I love it: Great colour coding options, desktop and mobile friendly! Learning curve: None, once I made updating it a habbit. Cost: Free

2. CANVA What I Use it for: Graphic design. I create Instagram posts, stories, reels, cover photos, highlight covers, profile pictures, Facebook covers, on-brand pdf documents, wallpaper for my computer, invoices, EVERYTHING!

Why I love it: It is an easy way to add my brand colours, fonts, and style to my content. I can upload pictures, cut out the background, add text, and fun elements, make images into gifs, add gifs etc. I can easily share designs with my team too!

Learning curve: Once you start, you won't want to stop. So many free templates

Cost: $12.95 per month

3. Calendly,

What I use it for: Booking links that allow me to share my availability and have people book a call with me fast.

Why I love it: It saves so much time going back and forth in email or DM sharing each other's availability. I get more calls booked and it sends confirmation and reminder emails.

Learning curve: You just need to remember to update your availability and you are good!

Cost: free or paid versions ranging from $8-$16 per month depending on how many team members you have,

4. Google Drive/Google Docs

What I use it for: I store/save everything in Google Drive so I can easily get documents and files from my desktop to my phone.

Google Docs: I use this app to create new word documents and plan out and write all of my social media content, blogs, emails, and then I just copy and paste later.

Why I love them: I can share ANYTHING with clients fast and easily. It saves space off of my phone and computer. It's a good backup. I can access it from any computer or phone.

Learning Curve: If you are already using Microsoft word, then it's identical.

Cost: Free, may pay for extra space, $2.98 per month.

5. Later

What I use it for: Scheduling out my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pins

Why I love it: I can log in, schedule, reschedule, preview how my upcoming posts are going to look, auto-publish, spell check, and I get notifications on my phone when it is time to post. I schedule all of my client's content in later too.

Learning Curve: Set up can be tricky, but depending on which type of phone you have, or your phone's settings can be easy. This st up is totally worth it once you get the hang of it.

Cost: Free, $15/month

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See you there!

Ashley Avis Content Manager, Web Designer, Podcast Host, Dinosaur Movie Fan

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