5 Ways to Create Hype

We all have something to offer/sell right? Us entrepreneurs are full of products or services that are great! But not all entrepreneurs are full of great ideas to market/sell their offer. First off: marketing or selling your offer can be filled with anxiety or fear based on these lies: -People do not want to be sold to. -People will stop liking me for trying to sell them. -Nobody will buy this and I will look like a dummy. These are lies! Please do your best to get over these mind blocks that are stopping you from spreading the word! If it helps, know this: Marketing your offer is really just informing people about how you can help them! If your product/service will save people time, frustration, help make them money or just bring them happiness, then you have a responsibility to inform people so that they can get more of that in their life! Now that you are ready to spread the word, Here are 5 Tips to Create Hype Around a Product/Service Launch: 1. Post about it on Social Media - a lot. Feel free to post more than once about your offer on social media. You may feel like after 1-2 posts that you are going a little overboard here, but let’s be honest, thanks to the algorithm, people aren’t actually seeing every single post. If you are talking about your offer in different ways, then trust me, nobody is getting annoyed. Here is what I like to do:

Build up to the offer in a few posts: Think about all the solutions your offer will give people and start posting about those problems. Offer Day: Post it everywhere! Let everybody know how to take advantage of this offer! Follow Up Posts: Remind people about your offer, the benefits of the offer and any bonuses that may be expiring.

2. Create Instagram and Facebook Stories about your offer! If you are not utilizing the power of stories on social media, you are missing out! Want to know the best way to use stories to sell? Video! Fix your hair, face the light and press record! If you are not one to jump on video often, then people will for sure listen up when you do it! They will want to see you and connect with you and what better way than video! Talk about your offer, all the problems it will solve, how you came up with the idea, the work you put into it, the value of it, how to buy it! All that Jazz. And your audience will pay attention! 3. Email your list: Whether your list is big or small, these are people who have told you they want to be informed- inform them about what you are working on, when it is available and how they can buy! A few emails with catchy subject lines can move your bottom line more than any post on social media could - trust me. This is my number one marketing tool. (P.S. If you need a real good email service provider, I use Flodesk and I love it! Check it out here.) 4. Create a Blog Post about it! If you do not have a blog, maybe it’s time to think about starting one. It’s a great way to provide education for your audience to further explain why they need your product/service. If your offer needs a boost in the value department, then write it up, push publish and direct people to that post! 5. Reach out to Influencers (or just regular people because I think we all are influencers) who will help you spread the word. We are not in this alone. I am sure you have friends, family and current customers who believe in what you are selling! Ask them to help you spread the word by sharing your posts, forwarding your emails, making posts/stories as testimonials for you and more! Create a community of influencers who you can rely on when in need. P.S. You can always collaborate with other entrepreneurs and help share each other's offers. So that’s it! 5 Ways to Create Hype around a product/service launch. Oh and one more thing:

Tip: Don't hide your offer by upping your quantity. What I mean by this is, if you post a video to your stories talking up your offer, don’t post 120 other inspirational quotes afterwards. Your message will get lost. Quality over Quantity. Be intentional and strategic and results will come!

If you have a big launch coming up, or have not had much luck in the marketing department, lets chat! Bouncing ideas off of someone new with a fresh perspective always helps. Send me a message on Instagram @ashleyavisco or contact me at for a consultation. Let’s make that next launch a success!

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