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Brand Design for Professionals

Learn my Top Ten Canva hacks that I believe all business owners should know in order to up-level their brand design and have people saying, "I knew this post was yours before I looked to see who posted it!"! Are you ready for this?

Learn How To:
Create a Brand Kit
Customize a Template in One Click
Create REELS
Find On-Brand Images Fast
Design strategic Cover Photos
Design an Aesthetically Pleasing Grid
Design a New Link-in-Bio

ALL using CANVA!

NOTE: This Workshop is $77

Members of The Ashley Avis Academy get to watch for free.
Learn more about joining the Academy HERE.


and here's your host, Ashley Avis! 

Online Marketing doesn't need to be complicated in order to work. But of course, I learned this the hard way. 

After getting an honours degree in Popular Culture, Communications and Film, and over 7+ years in Marketing and Sales Management in one of the most competitive industries in the country, I decided to give it a go and help other stressed-out female entrepreneurs finally master organic lead generation for their businesses. I believe that if we are truly good at what we do, have passion and hard work, we deserve to see growth and success with our businesses.

After three years, I have helped over 140 female entrepreneurs with their content creation and online marketing. I have thousands of downloads on my online marketing podcast! I love doing this. I wouldn’t continue if I didn’t. Allow me to help you do the same!

Ashley Avis at her Home Office desk, Online Marketing Expert, Content Manager, Email Marketer
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