The Ashley Avis Academy


Are you ready to ditch the guesswork, fear, and stress about finding your next client?


Let me teach you the exact roadmap I use to attract, and sell more clients in 30 days without having to: 

Pay for ads
Do anything that feels inauthentic

Come across as 'salesy' 



Today is your lucky day!

This Academy is only for women who dream of:

  • Having a simple marketing and sales plan that they can track and analyze with ease

  • Being able to show up online as professionally as they are in person

  • Having a social media content and engagement strategy that isn't going to have them tethered to their phone 24 hours a day

  • Having a website that does most of the selling for them, and will collect inquiries or bookings like crazy!

  • Knowing how to sell in a way that comes across as caring, solutions-focused, and professional. 


What's Included?

Part One: Marketing 101

Everything you need to attract your ideal client(s) to your business!

Watch 10 Training Videos with step-by-step actions to help you with:

Understanding the big picture/analytics training so that you can track your success from the very beginning.

The 3 things you need BEFORE you start marketing 


Where to put the most time and effort in order to get results


My favourite exercise to define your ideal client(s)

I break down my 5 Part Marketing Strategy IN DETAIL so that you can easily create your own:


BRAND that attracts the right people to you and makes them want to follow you!


Instagram/Social Media Strategy including Content Creation Strategy AND Engagement Strategy that won't suck up all of your time!


WEBSITE that will convert viewers into bookings (YES! I just said you can create your own website easy! I'm going to show you how!)


EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN that will kickstart strong relationships


The Ashley Avis Branding Questionnaire to help you start thinking out of the box!

Video with Confidence Crash Course- to help you NAIL your next Video online!

Top 5 Posts to Build Know-Like-Trust which are also my top-performing posts. 

Sales Page and Sales Email Templates to save you time!

Tips to Attract Local Followers if this applies to your business. 

Part Two: Sales Mastery

Show people you care, provide solutions with integrity, and sign more clients!

Watch 8 Training Videos in Part Two with step-by-step actions to help you:

Know WHY you should be doing sales calls

Get in-depth knowledge about My 5 Building Blocks to Closing a Sale

Know how to truly get to know someone

Find out what will truly motivate them to buy

Nail the Presentation of your offers

Get the Secret to AKA the one thing you can do to get more YESES

Know what to do when someone says No

How to get the BEST referrals!


My Pre-Sales Call Checklist

My Sales Call Template that you can customize for YOUR business

Exact Scripts I use on my sales calls

Sounds like a lot right? It is. That's why I created the Succes Path to guide you through the course. It is a Monthly To-Do List that will hold you accountable for staying on track and getting the result you want when you want them!

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

What People are Saying


"Ashley's sales coaching really truly made me feel my value for the first time, and I didn't feel nervous at all about increasing my prices and charging for that value. I actually felt great!"


-Marissa, Holistic Nutritionist


"I don't love when things are too complicated, so I really loved your way of simplifying selling and making it easy across the board!"


-Erin, Energy Healer


DSC04090 (1).JPG
carolyn workout .png

Having a plan that attracts the right clients to my business eases so much of my overwhelm. Thank You."

-Carolyn, Food + Fitness Coach

"Before I found Ashley, I thought marketing and websites were too complicated. I really didn't understand how any of this worked. She broke it down so easily, step by step for me and it all made so much sense! Simple things that I've put in place seem so obvious now and make the world of a difference. "

Vanessa, Interior Designer


Are you looking for a repeat of 2021, or are you ready to hit bigger goals?


About Your Educator, Ashley Avis

If you would have told me 4 years ago that I was going to have a thriving Marketing business, I would have laughed in your face!

After working for almost a decade in corporate sales, I decided to quit and start my own business teaching yoga. I thought I could use social media as free advertising and my classes would fill up! Well, I was wrong. Online marketing was trickier than I thought. Not only was I desperate to get my yoga business growing, but I also had zero budget for advertising and no technical skills. Fast forward past years of Googling, trial and error, listening to hundreds of podcasts and following all of the experts, I was able to find a way to market and sell my yoga classes without paying for ads, AND without doing anything that felt too 'salesy.' Soon other female entrepreneurs were noticing and asking me for advice to help them! I was shocked!

Now, I've worked with over 100 women in business teaching them my exact strategy for attracting, selling, and serving their ideal client(s) online.

Oh, and I'm also a mother-of-two who only works 30 hours a week because that's how I roll.



The Ashley Avis Academy is ready for you!