The Little Marketing Course

By Ashley Avis

Pssst. You're going to love this!

Too many marketing educators out there are selling hundreds of courses about one specific thing: For Example:  Social Media Strategy, Web Design, Blogging, Photography, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Pinterest Strategy  and on and on and on…

But nobody is teaching what we all REALLY NEED to know.

Where do we need to start?  What needs to happen first, second, third etc? How do we streamline and SIMPLIFY this whole online marketing process to
save us TIME and actually MAKE US MONEY.

Nobody is teaching what is going to give you the most bang for your buck… Except me.


The Little Marketing Course
By Me, Ashley Avis.

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By the end of my 1.5 hour course, I promise you will understand the BIG picture of organic online marketing and how to build a solid yet simple marketing strategy that will sustain you for years to come.  It’s like all the real good online marketing training in a nutshell.


If you are an entrepreneur, soloprenuer, side hustler, working mama, or even just thinking about becoming any of those things: this course is for you.

Let me turn that learning curve into a cute little heart symbolizing your new love for online marketing strategy and how SIMPLE and effective it can be.

I made this little course specifically for you because:

-You have no budget to hire help let alone coaches or mentors

-You’ve been playing that comparison game
-You have big ass goals that you are ready to crush
-You know in order to exist you need to be on social media - but you suck at it

-You have no way to track your efforts and see what’s actually working

-Technology hates you
-You literally do not have time for this

-You’re afraid of looking stupid online-You have no idea where to start

-You’re not ready to give up anytime soon

You deserve this. You want this. Your business needs this.



In The Little Marketing Course I teach you: 

-What you can do without

-What is an absolute must from the very beginning

-Where to invest your time and money to save you TIME and MONEY


-How to be strategic every step of the way to optimize sales

-Most importantly, how to keep this all SIMPLE and


If you are ready to understand the BIG Picture of organic online marketing -woah woah woah, Hold on let’s break this down:

ORGANIC: aka No Facebook ads or Google ads necessary

ONLINE: social media, web design, email  etc. (How you look and show up online.)

MARKETING: attracting people to your business to increase sales! 

If you are ready to understand the big picture of organic online marketing and how to build a solid and simple marketing strategy that will sustain you for years to come….

Click Here to take The Little Marketing Course, (And thanks in advance for your feedback!)

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