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Email Bootcamp

Over the next 5 days, I am here to help you get your email list started and growing!
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Email Bootcamp: Day One
Choosing an Email Service Provider

In the beginning of this video, I reference Episode One of The Ashley Avis Podcast: 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is a Must from Day One.
To Listen to it, CLICK HERE. 

Day One: Choose an email service provider!

Email Bootcamp: Day One Tutorial
How to Set Up a Flodesk Account Easy-Peasy
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Email Bootcamp: Day Two
Creating an Effective Opt-In Form

Opt-in forms are how someone adds themselves to your email list. 
Top Tips for Creating an Effective Opt-In Form:

-Choose clarity over creativity

-Keep them simple

-Add what's in it for them if they opt-in, WHY should they join your list?
-Tell them to type their name and email address below, and go check their inbox!

P.S. I did mention Episode 52 of The Ashley Avis Podcast? If you are struggling with ideas for what you are actually going to be emailing your list, this will serve you up ten fresh ideas for sending emails for your business. LISTEN HERE

Email Bootcamp: Day Two Tutorial
How to create an opt-in form using Flodesk

day 2

Email Bootcamp: Day Three
Lead Magnets and how to use them to grow your list!

Want to know more about Lead Magnets and how to create them? I got you. Episode 24 of The Ashley Avis Podcast covers everything you need to know about lead magnets. LISTEN HERE 

Email Bootcamp: Day Four
How to deliver lead magnets automatically!

Email Bootcamp: Day Four Tutorial
How to automatically deliver your lead magnet using Flodesk

Enjoying Flodesk?
Remember, use Promo Code: ASHLEYAVIS to save 50% Off

Email Bootcamp: Day Five!
FAQs and Other Important Things I Want You to Know so You Can Be Successful!

Let the learning continue! Check out The Ashley Avis Academy to learn how email marketing can easily fit into your current online marketing strategy.  I'm talking branding, web design, social media strategy and more!

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Day 4
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