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The Ashley Avis Academy

A membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to rock a DIY marketing + sales plan!
Hosted by Ashley Avis, Authentic Online Marketer, Web Designer and Podcast Host.



Imagine hitting publish knowing someone, somewhere is that much closer to becoming your next client.

I see you, 

You're new to posting about your busines on social media, and you want to get clients fast.

So far, your posts aren't getting you sales, and you don’t know who to turn to for advice.

Others make it look so easy, but when you go to create your posts or send your emails, the overwhelm starts to set in.

Outsourcing your marketing is a distant reality, so, what's your next step?

If you've been nodding along, then you're going to love what I've included in this membership.


Ready to see how members go from feeling overwhelmed to confident AF!

What's Included in
The Ashley Avis Academy Membership?

Here's how I will support you with your Online Marketing and Sales Mastery:

Exclusive Access to my Signature Training: Part I: How to Attract the right people to your business & Part II: How to sell them! After you have competed this training, you will officially have a plan to grow your business!

Monthly live workshops so we can deep dive into specific topics to help you elevate your skills + strategy

Monthly content calendars emailed to you so that you never run out of post ideas to help you grow your business!

Access to a Private Group where you can network with other small business owners and entrepreneurs!

Be one of the first to join The Ashley Avis Academy!

This membership is exactly what I needed 5 years ago...


I struggled at the beginning to figure out a way to leverage social media in a way that could grow my business that also felt authentic. I wished I had a  friend in my corner who could just whisper the answers to me.

Now, after years of experimenting, some trial and error, a lot of wine and a lot of Googling, I found a method that works. PLUS- I am ready to be that friend for you!


I'm here to be that friend in your corner, the one who can help your business grow!

Ashley Avis Co (Feb 26_ 2022) - Tori Claire Photography-9388.jpg

 Brock University, BA (Hons) Popular Culture Communications and Film
7 Years of Experience in Sales and Marketing Management
Scaled my own business to 6-figures in 3 years
Trusted by over 100+ female entrepreneurs to help design websites, brands, and social media content
Thousands of downloads on my Online Business Podcast


What makes my approach different?

  • I'm not about gaining 10k followers fast. I focus more on attracting your next client.

  • I appreciate when things are simple and streamlined.

  • I love words and visuals, but numbers are important too.

  • I approach marketing and sales from a place of authenticity and integrity.


What People are Saying


"Ashley's sales coaching really truly made me feel my value for the first time, and I didn't feel nervous at all about increasing my prices and charging for that value. I actually felt great!"


-Marissa, Holistic Nutritionist


"I don't love when things are too complicated, so I really loved your way of simplifying selling and making it easy across the board!"


-Erin, Energy Healer


DSC04090 (1).JPG
carolyn workout .png

"Having a plan that attracts the right clients to my business eases so much of my overwhelm. Thank You."

-Carolyn, Food + Fitness Coach

"Before I found Ashley, I thought marketing and websites were too complicated. I really didn't understand how any of this worked. She broke it down so easily, step by step for me and it all made so much sense! Simple things that I've put in place seem so obvious now and make the world of a difference. "

Vanessa, Interior Designer


Are you ready to turn your social media into a client-attracting machine?

I want you to feel the freedom of having a simple marketing plan that you can navigate and analyze with ease. Let me show you how it's done!


Looking for something more one-on-one?

Check out my Social Superstar 8-week coaching program.

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